Who we are


Goals for Deutz Brothers

At Deutz Brothers, our main goal is to provide delicious and nutritionally dense meat to all our customers. We pride ourselves on our animal welfare practices and welcome visitors to our farm and see for themselves.

What makes us Different?

We combine the old with the new. We embrace new technologies and combine them with older farming practices to create a unique system. An example of this is our pork production, where the pigs have outdoor access 24/7 but also fed a well balanced diet with new natural products such as oregeno products to encourage healthy gut flora.

What is Deutz Brothers?

Deutz Brothers is a family farm located in Marshall Minnesota. We specialize in beef, pork, and chicken. All Deutz Brothers beef and pork is processed in a USDA inspected facility.

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Deutz Brothers Guarantee

Deutz Brothers guarantees customers satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, let us know we will refund you and make it right.


Deutz Brothers believes in providing a plentiful and healthy food source. We believe that the future of the food chain must be a sustainable and regenerative one. The global population is expected to top 9 billion in the next three decades and meat consumption will continue to rise. We believe that meat is a vital part of a healthy diet but it must come from sustainable farms that use proper animal welfare practices such as ours.


If you have a question, let us know an we will answer it and display for others to see.

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Our Story

Deutz Brothers

Thanks for visiting Deutz Brothers, we appreciate your business and your time to check us out. I’m Brandon Deutz the founder and owner of Deutz Brothers. The idea for a local meats business was one I had back in 2015 right when I graduated from high school. At the time there was no such business in the area and I thought it would be a great addition to the community! The beginning of Deutz Brothers all started with the humble chicken. We started selling whole chickens in the summer of 2017 but knew we would be adding beef and pork to the business. Our goal is and always will be to provide the best tasting meat but also a healthier option than your typical grocery store meat. I attended SDSU for a 2 year degree in Ag Science and graduated in 2017.  Once done with school I started to form the business and continue to make it better by the day.  My goals for Deutz Brothers is to supply the best and healthiest meats to southwest Minnesota and to expand it nationally and one day globally. We believe that healthy and delicious meats should be accessible to everyone. At Deutz Brothers we strive to bring you the best meat around and to promote it by providing delivery services, online store options, and recipes with our various cuts! Thank you for choosing Deutz Brothers, we wouldn’t be here without you!

-Brandon Deutz 



Do you deliver?


We deliver all our products personally in the southwest Minnesota area.

Why is your meat more expensive than the grocery store?


We do not have the volume to get to the low prices in the grocery stores or fast food restaurants. We also don't use the industrialized methods to produce meat, rather we produce meat in a responsible sustainable way.

Do your animals have access to the outdoors?


Yes. All our animals have access to the outdoors 24/7.

Why do you feed corn to your cattle?


Corn is a very versatile and valuable crop. In our climate of Minnesota, we have long cold winters which means the animals need more energy to stay warm. This is where corn comes in. Corn has lots of energy and it also helps with the rich flavor and marbling of Deutz Brothers Beef.

Where can I find your products?


The easiest way to obtain our products is through our online store and or via email. We currently have bunker freezers in Treasured Times and the Marshall MN Hy-vee. We are currently at the Marshall, Redwood Falls, and Granite Falls farmers markets. We will be adding restaurant locations in the future.

How is Deutz Brothers Sustainable?


One of our biggest achievements pertaining to sustainability is reducing fertilizer inputs from outside sources, rather instead we use the manure from our farm to apply to fields where crops will be grown the next year for the animal feed. We are closing the production circle more and more each year. We also will begin to implement more regenerative farming techniques such as reduced tillage.