family owned business

How It All Started

The beginning of Deutz Brothers all started with the humble chicken. We started selling whole chickens in the summer of 2017 but knew we would be adding beef and pork to the business. Our goal is and always will be to provide the best tasting meat but also a option from a true family farm. Not only that, but being able to trace the meat back to the farm is an important aspect and Deutz Brothers’ meat comes from our family farms and we know who raised it. Our goals for Deutz Brothers is to supply the best and healthiest meats to southwest Minnesota and to expand it nationally and one day globally. We believe that healthy and delicious meats should be accessible to everyone. We believe raising animals in a more natural way is the best way and creates a better tasting product and also knowing where the meat comes from.

How We Achieve A High Quality Product

The meat often that is found on dinner plates is not the highest quality or really even good quality for the most part for many reasons. Deutz Brothers Meats provides you with the highest quality meats such as dry aged beef, outdoor raised pork, cage free eggs, and farm fresh seasonally pastured chicken. As with humans, animals are what they eat, and at Deutz Brothers we take pride in our feed ingredients which are grown here in SW Minnesota and work with other local producers for our feed ingredients. An example of this is that we grow our own forages and grains. One of the more unique aspects of our feeds is by feeding our animals a balanced diet that contains probiotics and essential oils to build a healthy gut and to create a resilient immune system.

Deutz Brothers Guarantee

Deutz Brothers guarantees customers satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, let us know and we will work to find the right solution.

Our Mission

At Deutz Brothers, our main goal is to provide delicious and nutritionally dense meat to all our customers. We pride ourselves on our animal welfare practices and welcome visitors to our farms and see for themselves why Deutz Brothers is the best.