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At Deutz Brothers we take pride in all our meat products . Beef was once one of the most popular and most consumed meats around. There has been drastic change in consumer demand and many misconceptions about beef consumption. We plan to bring beef back to the dinner table! There is no steak out there that compares to a Deutz Brothers steak! Marbling is one of our main focuses when raising our beef. Without marbling, consumers often get a bad dry taste from the meat. No one wants that and we don’t either. We purchase all our cattle from trusted farms, the cattle are anywhere from 400-700 pounds. We trust the farmers we get the calves from to do what’s best for the animals. Once the cattle step foot on our farm they are immediately inserted into our system of raising cattle. Our cattle are grain fed, grass fed, alfalfa, and mineral. We raise our cattle so they have access to the outdoors but also have shelter. So try Deutz Brothers Beef, that’s what’s for dinner!