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Beef Butcher Marshall, MN

Deutz Brothers beef in Marshall, Minnesota is some of the finest you can get your hands on. Our steaks are juicy and tender, with a rich flavor that will make even an experienced steak lover excited for another bite. We plan to bring back this delicious meat at its original quality; there’s no other like it. Shop Beef.

  • Dry Aged
  • Exceptional Tenderness
  • Distinct Flavor

More about our beef

Deutz Brothers plans on bringing beef back to your dinner table. There’s no steak out there that can compare with a Deutz Brothers cut. Marbling is one of our main focuses when raising cattle, so you know they will be tender and juicy every time you bite into them – not too mention rich in flavor because without this trait most people get an unpleasant taste from their meat as if it has been cooked too long or undercooked.


Well-fed cattle are the key to a delicious dinner. Deutz Brothers raises their beef for high quality, not bulk. We feed our beef corn and other grains as well as minerals so that you can enjoy yourselves with some great tasting meat at your next family gathering or get together.

At Deutz Brothers we take pride in our beef products

Head to Deutz Brothers in Marshall, MN for a variety of beef cuts. You can buy whole cows or parts such as quarters and halves that are waiting to be processed into premium dry aged ground beef with your desired flavors. Deutz Brothers is a trusted name in beef. If you’re looking for dry-aged, world class meat that comes from sustainable sources and has a superior flavor profile – we have what it takes to please your palate with cuts just right.
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A generation farmer and family owned business means we know how important quality can be when preparing food products such as ground hamburger or steaks–and now customers have access to top grade beef directly from our online store.