Additional Information

At Deutz Brothers we take pride in all our meat products. Deutz Brothers chicken is really what started our operation. Back in 2015 when I was coming up with the idea of starting a local meats business, I started out with chickens. But our chickens are no regular chickens! Our chickens our raised on pasture in little movable shelters called chicken tractors. A chicken tractor is a portable pen where the chickens are housed and moved every day to a new patch of grass. This helps to ensure the birds are not sitting in their own waste and receive fresh grass every day. The chickens are also fed fermented corn, soybean meal,wheat, and kale. We ferment our corn feed because it becomes more digestible and provides good bacteria for the birds. We also feed kale to the chickens to provide extra vitamins and minerals. We don’t use any antibiotics or growth hormones on our birds!  Nothing beats a Deutz Brothers pasture raised chicken!