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Beef Patties


Beef Patties come 4 per package, 1/3 lb. each patty. Total package weight approximately 1.33 lbs. Great for a fast and easy lunch or pop them on the grill for the evening BBQ. Either way, you cannot go wrong with Deutz Bros dry aged single animal Beef patties. What does single animal ground beef mean? When you bite into a Deutz Bros burger, that meat came from one animal, not hundreds or thousands all mixed in. And I almost forgot, we do not add any fat or any other questionable things to our ground beef. Just Beef, the way it should be.

All Deutz Brothers Beef comes from our local Family Farms right here in Southwest Minnesota. Our beef is aged to perfection of a minimum of 14 days. This is the optimal aging time for beef that has been raised the right way. All our beef is grain finished to ensure that rich and buttery flavor you have come to love. Not only does it taste out of this world but the tenderness and juiciness is unmatched. We feed our cattle for flavorful beef, not to just put as many pounds on them as fast as possible. Our cattle diet consists of corn, soybean meal, grass, grass hay, alfalfa, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.


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