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Smoked Maple Sticks


Maple sticks come in packages of 6. The smoked Maple stick is one of our most versatile products we carry. This is a pork product that looks like a beef stick and can be eaten like one. It also makes a great breakfast item in a skillet. Just warm them up in a pan for a couple minutes to really bring out that maple flavor! These are precooked and ready to eat out of the package.

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Deutz Brothers Pork is what pork used to taste like and how pork should be raised. We raise our pigs so that they have access to the outdoors year round but also a warm barn with deep bedding to lay in when they please. Pork raised this way is a sustainable one but also creates a more flavorful cut of meat. We often hear that people cannot eat pork or they are put off by the smell of it while it is cooking. This was news to me as I always grew up with our home raised outdoor pork. We believe a pig should be able to spend its life in the sun if it well wants to.


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