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Whole Chickens


The Deutz Brothers chickens are 5-6 lb. whole birds. A whole chicken is a great economical meal for the family or to have leftovers. There will be plenty of meat on these birds compared to conventional ones you find as we do not inject any salt water which results in lower shrinkage. We charge $3lb.


This is an item that is based off weight. We will refund the difference on your payment if the amount is less than the $18.

Deutz Brothers chickens are on their own level in the chicken world. Chicken is cheap, flavorless, and often weirdly textured. That’s not how we do it here. Our chicken is what chicken used to taste like and what it should taste like. We raise our chickens on green grass in mobile chicken tractors during the warmer months to create a unique product. If we raise chickens during the winter months, they are provided a deep bedded barn and fed a special formulated feed. Our chickens are fed a special formulated feed that we came up with that includes corn, soybean meal, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, limestone, and alfalfa. They are also supplemented with Apple Cider vinegar in the drinking water.


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