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Pork Butcher Marshall, MN

Deutz Brothers pork in Marshall, Minnesota is some of the finest you can get your hands on. Our pork truly stands out from any of our competitors. Why do we stand out? Our pork has been selected for the best genetics for over 50 years on our farm. Shop Beef. Build a Pig.

  • Outdoor Raised
  • Deep Bedded Barns
  • Drenched in Sunshine

More about our pork

How do you get the perfect balance of fat and lean? You need to raise your pigs like they were meant to be raised! That’s why our family has been farming for over 50 years. We select only those with exceptional genetics, then care deeply about their well-being on this very special journey – it is what makes us different from any other meat producer out there today
We know that when all factors are considered: flavor nutrition safety quality environment sustainability human warmth friendliness toward animals – food should never just taste good but also make your mouth water in anticipation


We raise our pigs the way pigs were meant to be raised. We use a deep bedding system, which is where straw, corn stover, or any other dry absorbent material is placed where the pigs rest and sleep.


The reason we do this is because this helps insulate the pigs from drastic temperature changes and absorbs any waste material. This also helps create a nutrient rich and stable source of manure which is used to fertilize the crops for next year’s feed. Our pigs are fed corn, soybean meal, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, and seasonal forages. Deutz Brothers pork is truly a unique product!

At Deutz Brothers we take pride in our pork products

Head to Deutz Brothers in Marshall, MN for a variety of pork cuts. You can buy whole pigs or parts such as quarters and halves that are waiting to be processed into your desired cuts. Deutz Brothers is a trusted name in pork. If you’re looking for world class meat that comes from sustainable sources and has a superior flavor profile – we have what it takes to please your palate with cuts just right.
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A generation farmer and family owned business means we know how important quality can be when preparing food products such as pork–and now customers have access to top grade pork cuts directly from our online store.